Principal’s Message  

“The only person who is educated 
Is the one who has learned How to learn and change.”

At the outset, I extend my greetings to all. In this era of technology and globalization, the world is changing fast. I think we must use each moment to help our students grow and develop into sensitive and responsible students. Who adapts to the change and become an asset to their nation.

Dear students, it is not mandatory that every one of you get the first position academically, however, the gap of academic excellence may be covered and compensated by your life skills, attitude, values, interests, personality growth & overall humanity.

Make sure school is a place where your mentors guide you but how you practice that thing in your daily life actually move you towards your life goal.

We at the DAV PS BSPS Surangani do our best efforts to make all students achieve excellence in the endeavors of their choice.

I believe that each child has innate interests and ambitions, so in the school, we provide a conducive environment to the students that help them to reach their full potential. Here the emphasis is laid on making the students learn not only to earn but to live and emerge out as sensible, sensitive, competent and responsible human beings.

We feel proud to have dynamic faculty of staff who are dedicated to all students coupled with many well-wishers, parents, guardians, advisors and community friends, hand to hand we can make our school a place where excellence is the ultimate goal.

Rewarding & cherishing the students for their hard work, punctuality, discipline & behaviour is our biggest achievement.

Still, “I would like to say that mile we have to go. So join our hands and fulfill the emerging needs of the twenty-first century”.


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